Learn how to hook your readers and keep them engaged — The most essential skill in marketing

And to keep them reading, think like an author.

  • Share your own experiences: My most popular post almost always reveals something about my personal story.
  • Reveal the experiences of your readers: As you get to know your audience, you’ll learn their stories. And people love reading about themselves or about everyday people dealing with exactly what they are dealing with.
  • Use the things you’ve read: Let your readers see the research you’ve done and let the stories that influenced you also influence your readers.
  • Talk about something you’ve created on your own: Keep it relevant to your niche and let your readers see your process.
  • Write a story in collaboration with your readers: Allowing them to participate ramps up their investment.
  • Learn everything you can about your audience to speak directly to them
  • Craft headlines that instill curiosity in the mind of your potential reader
  • Keep them engaged by grabbing their interest and sustaining it through storytelling



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